Plant Consultation

Plant Parents To Be: Don’t have plants yet, but it’s been on your heart? We’ll come over and decide what plants will be best for your space based on the lighting situation, pets, kiddos, and budget. We’ll bring plants back for you taking care of all the heavy lifting and give you follow up care instructions to keep you on track.

Lines of communication via email or text will be open post consultation just incase you have any concerns!

Current Plant Parents: If you already have plants and need some help treating them right, we got your back. We’ll come meet your current plants, evaluate lighting and air flow, search for pests, get an understanding of your watering regimen, and give you follow-up information via email or text for care. We’ll give as much TLC to your plants (repotting + pruning) as we can and of course we can discuss the potential for more plants …because do you really have enough?

We’re rooting for you! And we’re dedicated to helping you get on track and ensuring your success by way of house calls and virtual consults via FaceTime and Zoom.
Inquire further for more details and pricing.