Snake Laurentii
Snake Laurentii

Snake Laurentii

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Perfect for beginners as it is very easy to look after and nearly impossible to kill. It purifies the air by absorbing toxins through its leaves and giving off oxygen. Seriously, like magic.

Lighting Situation Your new snake plant will tolerate any light condition, even low light areas. Although these guys can survive in low light conditions their growth will be reflective. Placing them at least three feet away from a sunny window would be ideal.

Watering Needs Minimal watering! When the soil is bone dry go ahead and give a good drink. Water the soil only, taking care not to get water on the leaves. Keep in mind that over-watering is the main cause of death. Basically when in doubt, don't water.


If you want to exert as little effort as possible, this is the plant for you. It's time to repot when the leaves are crowded around the perimeter of the pot. Other than that easy as pie.