ZZ Zenzi
ZZ Zenzi

ZZ Zenzi

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The compact cousin to the familiar ZZ plant we've all come to love. A drought-tolerant plant with succulent roots that store a ton of water. If you want to exert little to no effort you're in luck.


Lighting Situation Your new plant will live its best life in indirect, moderate light. Try at least three feet away from a sunny window, Although these guys can survive in low light conditions, their growth will be reflective. Such dense glossy green leaves would be happy to occupy a north or east-facing window.

Watering Needs Your new Zenzi is also pretty low-key when it comes to watering sessions. A drought-tolerant plant with roots that store a ton of water means less work on your end. You'll want to ensure the soil is completely dry before watering. 


If you notice curling leaves, your plant may be getting too much light.

Yellow leaves are a sign of over-watering. Remember when in doubt, don't water.